Hello, and welcome to Emu Creek Retreat.

Emu Creek Retreat is a privately owned property, and a family run four wheel drive, camping and recreation park.
Bookings are essential, and we highly recommend booking minimum 2 weeks in advance to increase the chance of availability.

Emu Creek Retreat has undergone a major clean up that commenced in April 2017. With many tracks now cleared after a few years of dormancy it is ever improving.
The front loops are currently being cleared to cater for beginner and novice four wheel drive enthusiasts. Meanwhile the existing, more technical tracks, available at the rear of the park provide a great adventure for the more dedicated off-road enthusiast.
We have also been clearing tracks and cleaning the areas around many water holes within the property. These provide a relaxing spot to cool down after a day out bush. Some can be enjoyed whilst adventuring along the tracks 😀

Further queries can be directed to info@emucreek.com

Please contact us to discuss booking dates/availability for your group.

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Emu Creek Retreat
Emu Creek Retreat
Eagle Crossing over Emu Creek near the front gate has about half a kilometre of water over a meter deep so the group coming on the weekend bring your kayaks
Emu Creek Retreat
Emu Creek Retreat
Happy belated Australia Day people.
Spent most of it in the water entertaining the Foot Flat 4x4 club.
Hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.