4WDs and Buggies


Emu Creek Extreme Retreat began in 1992, Approved in 1993 and was officially opened to the public as a Off Road recreational park in 1996.
The Birthplace of rock crawling in Australia, Emu Creek and its Battle of the States competition was legendary and unsurpassed.

Emu Creek now looks to keep the 4X4 sporting industry environmentally sustainable and as low impact as reasonably possible. Emu Creek Retreat has a range of varying tracks to suit your ability and vehicle. Accidents when four wheel driving at your limits may always cause damage to the vehicle and we don’t recommend the park beyond track 1 be accessed by “all wheel drive” suburban vehicles. We have a core group of 4×4 followers and Clubs who frequent the park and we restrict our vehicle numbers to give you a better holiday.

Recovery- $60/hour for a recovery vehicle to get you out and back to base. All Times are Office to Office.

Fire wood is collect your own and there is plenty out on the 4×4 tracks.

Many 4×4 drivers are into the sport to go into the wilderness to get the perception that no people have been there before. Some like to leave there mark for all to see and decide to clean the rubbish out of there car into the bush, making a unsightly mess for years to come. Please those who persist in bringing down the repute of the people in 4X4′s by leaving rubbish around the country side, STOP IT,  you have a big steel thing with wheels that can carry the rubbish to a responsible refuse site. Don’t Embarrass yourselves by being ignorant or us by Having to say it.


As opposed to Four Wheel Drive.

Nissan Patrols, Rodeo, Territory, Subaru, Triton, BT50, Chinese, Tradesman low ute, Luxury Etc. These cars will get you across wet grass, clay and even sand but are not suitable to Australian Bush Driving.

We have limited areas for these vehicles and damage to them in the 4×4 area is possibly a given. They can be used in the 4×4 play area, and to access some areas in the park but please don’t think you can get them around 95% of the park undamaged. Lift/clearance is the main issue and under-car damage. We can offer you a sight seeing run around some creek areas and campgrounds but would stingily suggest you use these vehicles to bring/tow a cheap 4×4, or rock buggy. You will pay from $1,000 for a Suzuki, to $25,000 for something more kitted out. All of which we strongly suggest if you are into real 4×4 and still want to drive your town car home. No they do not need rego, just be in good working order, mainly brakes, hand brakes, mufflers and fluid leaks, if the motor stops but the brakes work you should be safe. Unregistered vehicles require helmets to be warn and mirrors to be fitted for safety in campgrounds.


As stated before we consider there a difference between your towing all wheel drive suburban SUV and a 4X4 competent design machine. Molded plastic mudguards is a dead give away for a “all wheel drive”, also is molded plastic skirts. Driving at the park is limited for these vehicles, if you wish to return intact.

So Standard 4X4 – Maverick, Landcruiser, Hilux, Rocky, Sierra, Wrangler Etc.. these vehicles in standard trim are go anywhere vehicles. Weather permitting, with driver ability, standard  4X4′s can negate 95%, with the exception of land rovers which can generally negate 99% of Emu Creek Retreat. If you are running bigger wheels and/or off road tyres and/or diff locks then the task at hand is much easier and the number of extra places you can go in all weather, is of course enlarged.


MODIFIED 4×4, ROCK CRAWLERS – (not Street legal)
Modified vehicles we consider to be anything from a street legal 4X4 fully locked and running offroad tyres, greater then 37 inch, to your full blown tube buggies. With these little babies you can go anywhere on the property except on the creek banks please.

 N.B. Unregistered / Unlicensed 4X4′s are permitted on the park but driver and navigator must be present when the car is running and are both responsible for the damage caused to their machine, themselves and by their machine. Both Navigator and driver must wear an accredited safety helmet. Navigators are to check driver has stopped the vehicle and left it with secure reasonable restraint. Navigators must guide driver for all reversing man-oeuvres especially in the camping areas. Staff reserve the right to scrutineer and eject any unregistered vehicle that is deemed to be unsafe or dangerously built, as per CAMS or MA Guidelines. We have accredited scrutineers and marshals.

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