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What Is Emu Creek Eco Retreat? Well its fluid, Emu Creek extreme retreat is a hireable venue for events, of any sort that promotes healthy lifestyle that ordinary people can come and use on other weekends and periods. This has merged into training, product sales, advice and extras. We are an off road venue with a difference, for Power sports and other extreme sports. We are a private ecology park with sustainable management, somewhere you can come enjoy the bush and your sport that caters for you, and maintains the environment for you and your future generations. Being as the government cant maintain the forests and uses lock out policies, we choose to access, use and maintain for an overall better ecology. I would like to think every thing we do is for positive reasons, like getting kids away from TV, getting families out together, appreciation of nature and the world we have to live in, self empowerment, restful and much much more. We are a park where you make it what it is, if you do the wrong thing and jeopardies the future of the park for closure, then someone caused it, if you think it is the best park with the best people, you probably made it that way or visa versa. We work on self-governing but if staff are called in for an altercation that cannot be amicably sorted, then we will sort it finally. If behaviour jeopardies the park for other uses to come here in the future, we will act.

We are just trying to make a great time for those who come here, for what ever reason they come. For every one to have that, we need a little patience, respect and understanding for each other and our families. I miss Australians and our values, this can be a place to remember them. I like to educate people in anything I know about… pass the knowledge on, so to speak. Education can be a key to happiness, as ignorance is the key to fear, stifling and hatred.
Give every Living species on this planet a fair go.


Emu Creek Eco Retreat aims to develop and promote all aspects of off road sport and sports people. In the training and promotion of participants fair play, safety and sportsmanship while protecting and respecting the environment we play in. We aim to further the good name of the sports we support and supply environmentally maintainable tracks and systems, for ongoing generations to come.We aim to bring happiness to all that come here, even if it is a laugh only years later. I aim to see children grow into mature responsible adults of the communities, that my families live and will live in.

Blair Maxwell


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