Terms of Entry / FAQs


• EVERY person MUST sign in before using tracks or trails.
• Due to Council restriction, Motorbikes are no longer permitted to be ridden at ECR 
NO drinks in glass bottles – please bring cans.
All rubbish is to be taken off site with you when you leave or you can hire a Wheely bin for us to dispose for you.
• Be considerate of others.


It is a term and condition of Emu Creek Retreat entry that ALL people entering the park sign the indemnity and waiver or risk form. You are responsible completely for yourself and dependants. Children are to be safely monitored at all times, animals are not taken into the competition area and are contained at all times. This is ALSO a condition of park entry. Everything you do in the Australian bush can be construed as dangerous and as a condition of entry to the park, it is ENTER AT OWN RISK. Children are the responsibility of the accompanying adult. Park Staff reserve the right to eject for any period, unsafe or unsavoury people and have no responsibility for your well being. Staff my also scrutineer your vehicle/equipment and deem it unsafe to Drive/utilise, this however does not mean every vehicle not checked is safe and is still the responsibility of the owner and driver to maintain it to a satisfactory level as deemed by the state controlling body. It is also a condition of entry to leave your campsite as you found it (clean) and not to upset the waterway ecosystems in any way.




Emu Creek Staff can be reached in Emergencies on UHF #16, We need to Know your going out, to turn ours on if u want a reply.

It is your responsibility for the safety of yourself and those around you, Safety and reduced noise is paramount here for us to continue.

Appropriate Footware, boots must be warn when using trails and tracks.
Very Important:- The Australian Bush is unforgiving, NEVER leave the public areas without a map, a good supply of drinking water and without informing someone of your intended route.
Do Not separate yourselves from your vehicle or others in your group, Never leave the trails or travel the WRONG WAY.
In Heat; seek home or a creek crossing, until cooler, Staff Will Be Looking For You.



The bush, Flora and Fauna, Stay on the trails and slow for natural hazards.
The trails, do not excessively sit spinning or damaging trails, it only makes it harder for everyone next time.
Obstacles may be difficult but if you can’t make it the first time go to the bottom and try again.
Creeks; these natural water ways are protected, look after them and we will be able to continue using them.
Other vehicles and campers, who have just as much right to enjoy themselves here as you do.
Staff and what we are trying to achieve, for you to have a safer more enjoyable time.



DO NOT RIP UP THE DRIVEWAY! You are the ones who need to get out again in wet weather, not us.

Test yourself and your vehicle on the specially designed circuits. Take it away or we will.
Speed limits in public  areas are reduced to 15 km/hr or 2nd gear idling.
Standard road rules apply, We Expect Everyone to travel Responsibly, Giving Way To ALL in Camping/Public Areas and on the trails.



Please No Glass (This does not mean you can’t drink) and put your cigarette butts in your pocket not on the ground.
Take all rubbish out of the park with you, Do Not Burn it, Aluminium cans can be disposed of in the designated bins at the Girard Creek camp site.

We Have a rubbish bin service at $20 per bin or take rubbish home with you. Not only your waste rubbish but your food scraps too.

Don’t encourage the wildlife.
Goannas, Quails, Crows and many feral animals will be attracted to destroy your belongings if you leave scraps around.

Respect the bush, Be low impact. ONLY BURN PAPER AND WOOD!


4.5. FIRES

Bush fires are always a danger, Don’t start fires.
Camp fires are only to be in designated fire spots only with complete approval from management.

Respect the bush, Be low impact. ONLY BURN PAPER AND WOOD!



Please bring sufficient drinking water with you.
Rain water, Suitable for drinking (emergency) is limited to the rainwater tanks connected to amenities.
Water from taps and showers are not for drinking and also are limited.
In general, Water is limited and all care should be taken to conserve.
Drinking Water is vital if you are leaving the camping areas, we recommend 2 litres per person as a minimum.



Are in place for  your safety and others peace of mind. Generators to be off by 8pm.
No recreational driving in camping areas.
No driving loops in the rain, please plan your return to base immediately, when heavy rain commences.



This means co-operate with your neighbouring campers. We all have equal rights to enjoy ourselves without compromising others.
This also means with OUR NEIGHBOURS, Access and Egress the property safely and quietly.
Aggression will not be tolerated.



Please do not Steal, borrow, lend, acquire, find, obtain, collect anything, from anyone.

We have an unbelievably low tolerance for any type of dishonesty here, offenders will be dealt with heavily.

What is here belongs to somebody and is ultimately there to make your time here better.

Basic malicious damage and vandalism is even less tolerated. This means everything you see here and touch, nature included, you have been warned.



Are the accompanying adults responsibility and must never be left unattended by the adult.

Pets are only allowed within 200m of the office and under effective control.





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