Emu Creek is known for it’s variety of pleasant accommodation options including out Cabin complex and Creek side or Track side Camping grounds.


You can Camp anywhere on the property if you leave it the way you found it (flattened grass an exception). Our camping areas are broken into 6 Main Areas to give you all a bit of separation. Emu Creek Camping is at 200m above sea level and the climate is temperate. We vary rarely go below 1 degree Celsius and have a few frosts a year compared to the Tenterfield areas Minus readings. There are gas BBQs, Hot showers and flushing toilets. The Water holes adjacent to some camping areas are unfenced and children should be constantly monitored for there safety.


Fire Wood is permitted to be collected from around the park, there is plenty if you look and if the weather is wet then the wood will be wet. DO NOT Cut down any trees under any circumstance and, of course, do not burn our milled wood or log seats.


There is No unnecessary driving in the campgrounds. Tearing up the grass or driveway will not be tolerated, if you don’t like grass in your campground there are other parks for you. All Rubbish is take home with you… If you can fit it in to get here you can fit it in to take away. Wheelie bins are for hire for $20 (Not over flowing) for those on longer stays.



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