Please note: Pets are only allowed at the main campground, cabins, sleepy hollow, the Oaks, Mums Gold, The Horses and the Gums camping areas. No pets to be at the motocross track, competition area, or other camping grounds.



The Main Campground/Reception and amenities is a 3 acre terraced camping area. There are two main camping tiers; the third tier is reception/ workshop and amenities. To get to this campsite means crossing Girard Creek, access depends on water height and car type/ clearance.

Main Hole is a campsite area able to contain 6-8 families on Girard Creek side, sites are under whispering She Oaks.

There are some mobile BBQ and campfire sites. The Showers, Toilets and shop are a short stroll 30 meters up hill through the second tier or “main Top” Main Top is divided in the centre by a 6m x 6m picnics shelter, with box gums and Jacarandas growing for shade at the entrance end this area can camp 10-14 families, has gas BBQ and campfire sites and is adjacent to the amenity/shop car park. This is the closest to the showers as you can get.


Is our Camping Area down stream, around the Girard Creek delta joining onto Emu Creek. It is a more sensitive natural camping area, nestled in small grassy pockets near the old BMX track, with a main Sandy area near a water hole for cooling off. There are Fire sites but no BBQ’s and No Amenities – But a short walk 100m across either Girard Creek or Emu Creek will get you to flushing toilets. Will fit 6-10 Families


Located in the competition area, The Pits is an undercover concrete long area for you to set up at next to the main MX track. It is situated by the banks of the big dam and has a car park area. There are some grassy areas nearby and a short walk to the flushing toilets. Presently there are no Showers or BBQs at the Competition area. For Mainly day trippers and Blokes can suit 20 people


Located at the main Viewing area for the main MX Track in the competition area are some grassed areas around the toilets that have you trackside for the kids 8am morning starts. However people who are likely to be playing music up to curfew (10.30pm) we prefer to be out of the main campgrounds and setup at the competition area. There are fire sites, flushing toilets, but no BBQ. In this area is a vacant shed, which can also be utilised in bad weather. Around this area we can camp up to 20 families


Located between the front gate and the MX Track, Cabin flats is in fact on a ridge top just past the Cabin area and before hill top Camping Ground. It has some flat areas, is grassy and has space for playing around after riding. It is next to the planned new Amenity block that will service the front of the park and receives the early sun and afternoon breeze. You will have to travel 400m to get to the MX Toilets. It is good for lower vehicles that are afraid to venture further. Good for 2-4 Families


Located on the access road from the front gate to the main MX track are some pleasant ridge top grassy camping areas that get the sun first in the morning and a cool breeze through the day. They are 200m from toilets and have no facilities but are a nice place to set up away from others and still be trackside. Good for 2-6 Families


THE OAKS (4×4)
The Oaks Campground is our 4×4 camping ground with more space to spread out and manoeuvre your vehicles. It is approximately 5 acres of flat creek side camping on the Banks of Emu Creek. Resting in the shade of big Eucalypts and she Oaks as an often-gentle breeze flows through on an afternoon of ball games. The oaks campground has 4 flushing toilets and is 200 meters from the main shower amenity block. Gas BBQ can be taken to the Oaks if returned, Campfire sites are provided. At one end of the Oak campground is Crystal Pond water hole (weather permitting). At the other is Platypus hole for watching Platypus at dusk. Due to loose creek rubble in the creek crossing to the oaks it is now only 4×4 access. 2wd will get stuck on this crossing since the 2012 flooding. This site is never booked out.

The notorious Nissan Hill Or XT200 Hill is situated adjacent to the Oaks and Crystal Pond and has camping sites for a group.


Camping in the 4×4 area and requires a 4×4 to access it. The Gums is about 4 acres of grassy creek flat is next to Emu Creek up stream from the oaks Campground. It is more tranquil and the least effected by any other customers noise. There are no BBQ, toilets or showers in this camping area, although you are only 400m from the main amenity block. It is not necessarily mowed and we need notice to prepare for you.


Mums Gold Camping is stated next to the from Gate on Emu Creek and under forestry Plantation. A great spot for relaxing and watching the creek, fishing and swimming. However the Mums Gold Loop for absolute beginners is around the road for this area and activity can be around you. This area does not have an all weather road and it wet weather would be difficult to  exit from once wet. However it is a great site for lowered cars and vans with their own amenities and there are no amenities in this area. Camping sites are presently restricted to two.


The Horses Camping area is to the North of Emu Creek from the front gate. It is only accessible by going back to Paddy’s Flat Rd and Crossing Emu Creek Bridge and entering our new Horse Area from the other side of Emu Creek. This area is restricted to two campsites, has No amenities, but plenty of space. This area is also restricted in times of flood risk for your safety. In the future we will have horse facilities and amenities but is now basic creekside camping for non bike riders. Soft 4×4 campers or people with their own amenities will find this area relaxed and appropriate.

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